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What Do You Have To Say? - Google Me

Have you ever Googled your own name? How do you feel about the results?
THERE WAS NOTHING!!! i wasn't expecting anything either, but still. THERE WASN"T ANYTHING!!!

(untitled) 2/?

Title - Untitled
Author - nightfang_51094
Pairing - ferard
Rating - PG-13 for swearing
Summary - Frank is taken to an orphanage where he meets the loner, Gerard.
Disclaimer - again, so, NOW i have a purple fuzzy jumping elefant and  NOW i live with Green Day.
Warnings - a little swearing, nothing much though.


I lied... i Am gonna post because....... IT"S JADE"S B-DAY!!!!!!
er... his was on the 20th 
yeah that's all i had to say...
see ya

welll, since i have nothing near relevent to post unitl i get our stupid motherfucking fan fic done... that i have no goshdamn mother fucking idea where to put cuz it's not slash really, i'm gonna just stop posting till i get it done. I need some help on it to cuz it's kinda overwhelmingly fucked up....yeah, so see yous latter...

well, i fell kinda brain dead today.....

just a little bit of shit 'bout me, cuz i'm too brain dead to do anything else........

My Real Name Is:
But You Can Call Me: … that one, hey you, Billie, Bob, (just about anything… it’s kinda sad)

Born On: May 10, 1993
Age: Do the math, lazybutts!

Hobbies: Writing, reading, drawing, listening to music, dancing when no one is looking, singing both normally (as it gets to Alternative and such) and obnoxiously loud :D , helping people out, hanging out wiff the friendies, tripping over my own feet, stuff like that….

Never Say: “gay” like calling something stupid gay. I WILL PERSONALLY FIND YOU AND EAT YOUR BABIES!... *cough* lol not REALLY but you get thy point… or do you?

Always Say: "Love" around me, you can always spread the love!!!! <<<3

*Davey (Havok, OF COUSE!) holic.

*A writing-holic.

*Hyper and spazzy.
*Obsessed with Dark chocolate.
*Drinks too much Soda.
*Reads way too much.
*Trusts too easily.
*Understanding… hah, usually (I get lost REALLY supper easy)

*may or may not love a best friend…..

60% Spazmoid

15% Happy/Content
6% Depressed
12% Calm

10% Klutz…

>>Will do just about anything for some one I love

 >>Is so for Gay rights. (and Sabrini , she’s with me in it too!)
>>Been called a dyke too many times.
>>Luffs MCR, AFI, and Green Day with such a passion, it's frightening.
>>Tends to overplay songs.
>>Has five all-time favorite songs: To the End, Basket case, No Poetic Device, I Never Told You What I Do For A Living, and Sound Effects And Overdramatics


! Vampires rule.!!!
! Were wolves TOO!

~Corrects grammar a bit too much.
~Can be very, very obnoxious.
~Gets sad too easily.
~ gets attached to people way too easily




Loves EVERYONE. Even the people who annoy the shit out of me.

Anti-violence...except in stories and writings.

In the middle of writing a going-on-four notebook long story that makes NO fucking scene at all, with 3 or 4…or 5 (I can’t remember >.<) friends.

Invader Zim and Naruto for ever.
Because cartoons are better than reality, you know it and it’s TRUE!

lots and lot's and lot's of bubbles!


Writer's Block: By Any Other Name

If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

Hmm... If I could rename myself... I think it would either be Rayne, cuz that's an awsome name and my online name, or Billie just cuz that's what my friends call me.

An awsome story I found Today...

I story, well actually 2, that I found today and thought they were awsome.

# 1
Chapter one: Beginning

The rain and wind swirled around the bus, as the dark clouds hovered, breathing the icy wind ferociously. Adam pressed his face against the window, in boredom. He loved watching the lightning light the sky, and hearing the thunder crash in the night. It was just so…moving? He could never find a word that would describe his love for storms.
“Guys, it’s been raining for days! When will it stop?” Jade’s voice whined, and Adam smiled. He was the kid of the four.
“How do you think we know? Are we the ruler of nature?” Hunter asked sarcastically
“Yes, you are Mother Nature” Jade said, “Mother, could you fetch me some water? Seeing as you create it and all, it shouldn’t be too hard.”
“Oh, grow up” Davey said, breaking the argument up by throwing a newspaper at their heads
“Alright ‘Mister Mature’” Jade and Hunter said at the same time
“You guys are idiots” Adam laughed, breaking his gaze with the sky
“And you’re one to talk?” Davey laughed
“I can’t wait till we get back to California, I miss Maryssa so much” Jade sighed. Maryssa was Jade’s girlfriend of 4 years. They were pretty much your perfect couple. She was just as much of a kid Jade was. Adam sighed. He hadn’t had a girl friend in a year. As sad as it was, especially because there were hundreds of girls willing to bow at his feet, but no, he wanted the perfect girl. He didn’t want to just pick out some random girl out of the crowd and pretend he loved her, nah that was mostly Davey’s job. Not saying that Davey did that a lot, it’s just if any of them were to, it would be him.
“Jade, you could be with Maryssa and you would miss her” Adam said, and laughed
“What can I say? I love that girl.” Jade got a dazed smile on her face, and soon he would be in a far away land.
“Alright, well, I’m off to bed.” Davey got up and dusted himself off, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow”
“You guys should all be headin’ to bed, ya know?” Smith, the tour manager, and Jade’s little brother said from the front of the bus
“Smiff, you shouldn’t be telling us what to do, we are older than you” Hunter said
“Yeah, well, go to bed. You’ve gotta wake up in a few hours” Smith said, “You don’t want to be tired for your next show, now do you?”
“Alright, dad” Jade said and went into the room that had the bunk beds, which were quite small, but they had to deal with it.
“Yeah, I guess I can too” Hunter said
“Same, good night” Adam said and climbed into his tiny bed. He doubted he would get any sleep but he could try. Within minutes he could hear Hunter’s snoring, and he had a hunch the other two were sound asleep. The last time Adam got a good sleep was months ago, before they had even started tour again. While they were in the studio there was no schedule, just how he liked it, then all of a sudden they all had organizers.
“Hey, there’s someone on the side of the rode!” Adam heard Smith call out
“So?” he heard Fritch, the bus driver and merch guy, say
“We should see if it needs help!”
“It’s probably some drunk psycho...” Fritch was saying, but smith was already opening to door, meaning he had to stop.
“Why, hello there, do you need a lift?” Adam heard smith ask and he sat up
“Um, please?” A girl’s voice was heard, and her footsteps sounded up the steps to the bus
Adam walked out into the main area of the bus, and saw smith talking to the girl. She was very pretty, even though she was drenched from the rain. Her brown hair was stuck to her face, and her blue eyes looked tired and sad. She looked towards Adam and her mouth dropped.
“No way…” She turned back to Smith and gasped, “I knew you looked familiar! You’re Smith Puget! And you’re Adam Carson!”
“The one and only, deary” Smith said with a smile
“Hi” Adam said simply, looking into her eyes. He wondered why they were so sad.
“I can’t believe this. Is this AFI’s tour bus?” She asked looking all around
“Yeah, we are AFI” Adam said, “What’s your name? If you don’t mind me asking.”
“Oh, not at all. I’m Alexandra, or Alex for short.” She said
“Well Alexandra or Alex for short, where are you headin’?” Smith asked
“Um, I don’t know.” She said avoiding all their eyes
“What do you mean?” Smith asked, and Adam rolled his eyes
“I’m not really heading anywhere, I’m kind of escaping” She said, and a red tinge showed on her face
“Are you a runaway convict, or something?” Smith laughed
“Oh, not at all.” She laughed, “I just left everyone who I knew. I needed some time to think, so I decided I’d hitchhike my way somewhere”
“Well, our next stop is New York, we should be getting there in a few hours” Adam said, “I’m sure the rest of the guys won’t mind having you here”
“Oh, are you sure? I don’t want to ‘disturb your privacy’” She smiled
“We don’t mind, trust me.” Smith laughed, “And you’re soaked. Maybe Adam can give you some dry clothes”
“Oh, I’m fine, really. It’s not that cold anymore, these will dry” She said, and shivered
“No, I’m not going to make you freeze.” He headed into his room searching for some clothes. None of them would fit her, obviously, but they’ll do for now while her’s are drying. He came out with a black shirt that said pirates, and pair of shorts that were much too small for him. He always wondered why he kept them, but now he had a use for them.
“Thank you so much!” She said, “Do you have a bathroom or something so I could change in?”
“Oh, yup, right through that door” Smith said
Once she went through the door, Smith winked at Adam.
“I seen you looking at her” He laughed
“Whatever, where’s she going to sleep?” Adam asked, all the beds would be taken.
“I guess on the couch” Smith said, “But for now, I’m going to bed. Night” Smith said and walked into the room where the beds were.
Alex walked out of the bathroom, in the oversized T, and baggy shorts.
“Thanks again.” She said, “I never thought I would ever be in my favorite band’s bus”
“We’re your favorite band?” Adam asked, with a smile on his face
“Definitely” She said and sat down on the couch, beside him
“Oh, you’ll be sleeping here, by the way” Adam said pointing to the couch
“And um, we’re playing a show tomorrow, so if you wanna see it, then we’ll get you in” He offered, “If you have time”
“Are you serious? Thank you!” She exclaimed, a huge grin on her face, and a spark of happiness in her eyes
“Well, we aren’t going to let you sleep in out bus, but not let you see us play” Adam laughed
“I guess that wouldn’t make much sense” She giggled
“Adam, who are you talking to?” Jade’s head peered through behind the door
“Oh my god!” Alex covered her mouth, “I almost forgot I was in your bus!”
“Um, Jade, this is Alex. We’re giving her a ride too New York” Adam explained
“Oh, hi! I’m Jade!” He walked up to her and stuck out his hand
“I know,” She laughed, “I’m a fan”
“Oh really? This must be pretty weird for you then.” Jade said
“Kind of, yeah”
“Well, now that I know Adam wasn’t talking to himself, I’m going back to bed. It’s nice meeting you, and I’ll see you tomorrow” Jade said, and did a mock bow, and left.
“I guess I should be going back to bed, considering I have to wake up soon” He said, “It’s been nice meeting you”
“You too, and goodnight”

the end of the first part.... I REALLY want more, but I'll have to wait.....*sighs*

Okay all, this is the intro to a novel I am currently writing. I just realized, my main character resembles our dear Davey quite a bit-but that was not intended. I guess I just did it by accident...odd. But anyway, I hope you like it, I'll admit it's not very good and needs some revising. It's not an AFI fanfic by any means, so...go!

The raven haired beauty sat on the floor of the locker room, stretching and getting ready for the concert. His eye make up was not yet applied, and he wore only a pair of black jeans and converse sneakers, going shirtless for his work out. His long dark hair fell over his vibrant emerald eyes as he bent to stretch his legs.

The pale skinned man lay back against the cool tiles, suddenly wishing he could sink into them. The show was in a few hours, and he was in one of his “moods.” It was never a good thing when he could feel the wave of chilly detachment, and see the dark clouds of depression overwhelm him all at once. He put his hands over his face, trying to keep from loosing what he had left of himself in the deep pools of blackness inside of him.

“This will not happen again.” He said aloud in a half strangled voice, grimacing. After he fell into the depression that always lye in wait for him, it was not easy to come back. Near impossible, actually. He tried again to breathe, but the weight of the dark mist inside of him settled heavily on his lungs, and he let out a muffled gasp. It was happening again and there was nothing he could do about it. He reached out to hold onto something-anything-to anchor his shattering mind to something solid. He didn’t want to be lost in his personal abyss of pain again, lost in his own mind from which he could not be saved.

He was falling, and he knew it. A single anguished tear formed at the corner of one eye, spilling over and running down his porcelain skin. “No.” He whispered quietly, hysteria clouding his angelic voice.

“Ammi..?” A voice came floating to his ears, it seemed far away to his muddled mind. “Ammi, what’s wrong?” The voice repeated, anxiety rushing to the surface of the other mans voice.

“Eric…?” Ammi asked foggily, trying to see through the haze of black smoke clouding his vision. He vaguely saw Eric kneel down next to his falling body, and then a firm hand grasped his own.

“Ammi! What the hell is happening?” Eric yelled in panic. Ammi could feel Eric’s hand pulling hi out of the smoke, and the air was cold as Ammi made his way slowly to the surface. He coughed slightly, shaking his head as Eric looked at him anxiously. “What happened?” He asked again.

Ammi looked at the floor. “Nothing.” He said quietly, looking back up at his friend. He could see his friend was not fooled.

“Your nothing means a whole lot of something.” Eric said quietly, propping his friend up on the floor. “Why won’t you tell me?”

“It happened again.” Ammi said simply, shrugging his shoulders.

Eric’s eyes went wide as he looked at his friend, then he nodded, knowing exactly what Ammi had just went through

the end of this part, this one i Really want more to read on.....